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THE BIOPOD™:   Food Waste Composter & Grub Grower

Recycle your Kitchen Scraps into Free, Nutritious Soldier Grubs!

Newest Breakthrough Technology

The new residential BioPod™ Plus is the latest patented technology to hit the home composting market. Almost a decade of R&D, combined with thorough testing on 3 different continents, has produced the first commercially available systems.

Uber-Fast Composting

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents, the BioPod™ Plus and ProtaPod™ can eliminate most of your food scraps in as little as 1-2 days. Like with composting and vermiculture, our pods uses beneficial organisms to digest and decompose your kitchen waste, while producing valuable finished products.

The Future: Grub Composting

The specific biological process by which valuable proteins and fats are captured and recycled, rather than degraded, into usable biomass by a beneficial decomposer is referred to as bioconversion. The signature species utilized in our systems is the juvenile Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Hermetia illucens, which we lovingly call Solider Grubs. Virtually harmless to pets, humans and wildlife, this native arthropod does not spread disease, cannot bite or sting, and will not annoy you at backyard picnics! We refer to this bioconversion process utilizing BSF as Grub Composting.

Valuable Finished Products

A working BioPod™ Plus can easily handle the daily food scraps produced by a large family – up to 5 lbs per day. It can even digest pet feces and most kinds of manure. For every 100 lbs of kitchen scraps you will get 5 lbs of friable compost, a few quarts of nutritious compost tea, and approx. 15-20 lbs of self-harvesting grubs - which are the freshest fish, herp, and bird food. (Please note - the bioconversion rates for manure from herbivores is less than that of carnivores or omnivores.)

Compliments Existing Compost & Worm Bins

The Biopod™ Plus is not designed for yard waste, but it will keep the critters out of your compost bin by diverting all the food scraps away from your pile of temptation. The friable compost, though relatively small in quantity, will serve as the perfect worm food, and allow you to make vermicompost faster than you ever thought possible!

Commercial ProtaPod™

These larger bioconversion units were specifically designed to target the most problematic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW): food scraps. The commercial pods were engineered to nest on standard pallets, simplifying storage and transport. Racking of units will allow for scalable operations on multiple levels, to best utilize floor space. The compact, self-contained design allows for one-person cleaning and relocation. Effluent fixtures are accessible from below, and compatible with US plumbing standards for centralized liquid management.

Recycling Kitchen Food Scrap Waste

Like their residential counterpart, the ProtaPod efficiently re-captures the valuable lipids and proteins from the waste stream and converts them into useable biomass. The capacity of an active system is measured in waste processed per surface area over a given period of time. With food waste the figure is roughly 15 kg/m2/day (3 lbs/SF/day). That equates to an impressive 9.5 kg of kitchen scraps per day (approx. 20 lbs), in a optimally active, half full commercial system. The bioconversion rate for mixed household food scraps is roughly 15-20%, with a larval dry matter content of approximately 40-42% protein and 34-35% fat. On a dry matter basis by weight, the bioconversion of food waste into grubs is roughly 24%.